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It's a Party and You're Invited!!!

Village Writing School Open House

Celebrating Arkansas Stories

· Arkansas Writers and Books

· Arkansas Food and Music

· Door prizes every half hour

· Village Writing School open house & Ribbon Cutting

AR-WritersSeptember 9, 5-7 pm

Village Writing School

177 Huntsville Road

Eureka Springs, AR 72632

If you are a writer born in or currently living in Arkansas or if your book is about or set in Arkansas, contact us about offering your book for sale at our party. 479 292-3665 or alisontaylorbrown@me.com

Our Mission

The mission of the Village Writing School is to foster a vibrant literary community in Northwest Arkansas and to provide resources for ALL writers who seek to improve their craft.

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by Linda Maiella

writer typing There had been a little something on my back-burner for quite some time. It was just a tiny spark that ignited when someone spoke about their own creative projects.  It lit up like the first firefly on a summer evening.  Just a blink. But I noticed it

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How The Village Writing School Put Me in the Kitchen with Cheryl Strayed

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I have greatly enjoyed this workshop.  I learned some new things and was blessed to meet some wonderful people and writers!  I will leave with a renewed sense of energy and purpose that I will direct towards my writing.  Thank you SO much!  

-- Jill C.

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Village Writing School Director

alisonAlison Taylor-Brown has an MBA from the University of Mississippi and an MFA in Fiction from the University of Southern New Hampshire. Her other accomplishments include directing the annual Ozark Master Class in Fiction and starting the Center for English Language Education in Clarksville. Alison's fulll Bio here.

Alison’s goal is to help writers make the next move, whether they’re beginners or established writers. If you’d like to know more about the program or have some ideas you’d like to share with Alison, contact her at 479-292-3665 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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